Sunday, October 9, 2016

Compassion has a good return on investment

Several years ago, I spoke at a CCSC church, giving a "moment for mission" during worship services. After the service, a woman came over to let me know she was a client many years ago.

She had been a stay-at-home mom with a toddler, and her husband walked out on her, disappearing with all their financial assets. Her church was her rock, providing emotional support, lots of love, and bringing her to CCSC.

She wanted me to know how much CCSC had helped her. After her husband left, she found a job, although it did not pay much. Her standard of living dropped dramatically, so she and her son came to CCSC on occasion for food, financial assistance, and help through the youth services programs. It was tough, but she worked hard and received promotions with pay raises over time.

When she spoke to me that Sunday, she said her son had graduated from high school and joined the military. He was serving his country and had a plan for his life; she was clearly proud of him. They had made it.

I'm writing about her story not just to share a happy ending, but also to demonstrate what just a little help can do to propel a family forward. Our ministry's culture is saturated in compassion, but we use a business model to operate the mission. We alleviated her immediate burden and made a tangible, long-term impact on her life, keeping this family from being hungry, homeless, and living in poverty.