Friday, August 25, 2017

From client to employer - success!

“Alma” was referred to CCSC's *Martha’s Way program by her mother, who was a graduate and believed the program would be beneficial for her daughter.  Alma attended college at the time and was looking for a way to pay her daily expenses and tuition fees.  She graduated from the program in July 2009 and began her business. In addition to school and work, she carved out time to volunteer at Martha’s Way, serving as an ESL instructor.

In the past few years, she graduated from college and became an elementary school teacher.  Soon after, she was offered a position as a counselor at the school and loves working with the children and supporting their educational goals. 

Alma has since returned as a guest speaker at a Martha’s Way reunion event, where she encouraged clients to build their businesses and pursue their dreams.  She is now happily married, and they recently purchased their first home.  With busy schedules and a new home, they made the decision to hire a housekeeper to help them, so Alma called us to hire a recent graduate so she could help someone else the way she had been helped.

*Martha's Way is a vocational training program which teaches women to become small business owners in the field of domestic housekeeping. Some students need it as a bridge income, and some need it to sustain their families; some are married, and some women are single mothers; some women are exiting homelessness, and some are fleeing domestic violence. This program is a strong tool in providing financial security no matter what circumstances bring a woman to our classroom. For more interest in hiring a graduate, click on this link: