Thursday, April 5, 2018

He found a job

He's one of the many people who have been helping Houston recover these last six months. He's worked construction by rehabbing homes damaged by the storm.

The work is slowing down, so he began a job search to return to his chosen field: caring for others. He has worked with the homeless, the dying in a hospice, and with a summer youth program helping disadvantaged young people. His job search was stagnant at the time he came to JobNet. Our team helped him refresh his resume and re-tool his job search plan, and he was soon interviewing with several different organizations.

He's now accepted an offer with another nonprofit organization that also helps job seekers. Before leaving, he let JobNet Manager Mickey Hammond know how much the support, encouragement, and practical help propelled him forward.

While he may no longer be a client, this is not a good-bye: he will be working for an organization we collaborate with, so he'll be sending new job seekers our way.