Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I was standing in the hallway of one of our food pantries, waiting for a camera crew to finish filming, and struck up a conversation with a client. She is older and physically limited. She is beyond what I would consider the age most of us would work, and she is indeed retired. She told me that she'd never heard of CCSC before, but a younger neighbor suggested she come to us for help when she runs out of food. My new friend's income is fixed, and while she lives in a home that is paid for, her other expenses (food, medicine, electricity, gas) are not fixed. So, she runs out of money occasionally.

When she received her food package a few moments later, she looked through it and said to me with a smile, "Tonight, I get to cook myself a decent meal." And then she left to go home.

Nearly every night, I come home and cook dinner for my family, and I can't say that I smile about it. It's a responsibility and a chore.

Or is it a chore? I wonder if I should instead view my responsibilities as gifts:
  • I have the resources to cook a healthy meal for my family.
  • We are literate and able to help our children with their homework.
  • We have a home that requires work, but also provides safe shelter.
  •  Laundry is ongoing, but we have clothes to wash and detergent to keep them clean.
Often the responsibilities we have actually reflect an abundance in our lives. Working at CCSC and seeing so many people struggle for things I take for granted is humbling and reminds me that we are called to be grateful in all circumstances of our lives. So the next time you feel the stress of your to-do list, ask yourself what that list says about the blessings in your life.

PS  If you want to see what the camera crew was filming, click here: http://www.ccschouston.org/news.html

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