Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My children won't eat cauliflower

One will eat a salad, but not carrots; the other won't eat anything green and is suspicious of most vegetables.  My children don't realize it, but they live privileged lives because they have the luxury of choosing to not eat everything we cook for dinner.  This is a gift most of us overlook each day: choosing what we eat (and when and where we eat).  So many in our community, state, nation and world can only dream of such choices. Hunger means being grateful for food that fills your tummy, even if it's not your favorite.

I share this perspective not to make my own family or yours feel guilty.  I share it to point out that some of the blessings in our lives are things we take for granted.  I also share this to give insight into one aspect of hunger that is lost on many of us:  having limited choices in satisfying basic needs.

So the next time you donate food to us or any pantry, donate something healthy, but make sure it is something you would eat with a smile on your face.  I can assure you that my children never donate canned spinach, and if it were all up to my son, we'd just give out lots of chocolate and Cheerios to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for all that you do to make the community a better place.

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