Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you use a lawn service?

Lawn care is a good business in Houston with our year-round growing season. CCSC sometimes helps families who operate a lawn service, and recently we helped a single man who brings in about $1,300/month with his business. Because he lives frugally and only has to provide for himself, he says the income is adequate.

Unfortunately his mother (who lives outside of Houston) died, so he naturally needed to return home. He and his siblings planned the funeral, paid for the burial, and took care of all the tasks that arise when a loved one dies. He was gone three weeks, losing nearly a month of income. He pulled from savings to make his car payment and rent, but couldn't pay the electricity bill. So we helped with the bill, knowing this would return him to stable footing.

It humbles me to see people living without complaint on a limited income, especially when coping with normal life situations.

My mother died 18 months ago, so I understand the grief and the work it takes to settle someone's affairs. So with this client, I wondered how I would have coped with my mother's death, knowing I would return to a financially dire situation for myself.

I imagine I would have called my church for help because the church would have done its best to care for me. Among other things, I'm fairly sure they would have sent me to CCSC for help. So CCSC's response to clients is on behalf of my church and the other 40 churches who comprise our coalition.

We are the church in society, meeting basic, human needs and providing a safety net for those whose lives are economically fragile.

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