Monday, August 3, 2015

A story from the neighborhood

Recently CCSC's Office Manager and I were visiting with a neighbor whose business is near our offices. His building is a pedestal building: the parking lot is on the ground floor with office space on the second and higher floors.

He had a story for us. A few years ago, CCSC was helping a homeless woman with food as well as other services. For a period of time she slept in our neighbor's parking area, since it protected her from the weather. Our neighbor said it was not ideal for his business, but he wasn't comfortable asking her to leave. He felt compassion for her.

One evening as he left his office, he saw her reading a pamphlet about how to become a commercial bus driver. She told him this was her goal, and over time, she achieved this goal. CCSC never knew this part of her story - she simply stopped coming to us - so it was good to know she didn't disappear into the streets.

Between our services and his kindness, she had shelter and food during a rough time in her life.

Somewhere in Houston she now drives a bus, carrying passengers to their destinations. I imagine she's grateful for the job and pleased that our neighborhood is no longer her home, but maybe just an area of town she passes during the workday.

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