Friday, October 2, 2015

No canned beets for me, thank you


Or wax beans either. I would gag if I had to eat either one of those.

This is the season for food drives, and it's great for CCSC because it fills our pantries. Some of you call our office, wanting to know desired food items, so here goes:
  • think protein: meaty stews, peanut butter, beans & legumes, canned meat
  • avoid carbs: they are already cheap and accessible for families on a limited budget
  • include canned fruits and veggies
The other guideline is to give what you would eat. Now if you like canned beets and wax beans, I guess it's okay to donate those items, but I would pause.

Instead, think of corn, green beans, black beans, tomatoes, carrots, and most canned fruits (light syrup, please) - these are more universally liked. I still remember the elderly client who came to an outdoor food fair we hosted several years ago. She was thrilled and almost giddy when we gave her some canned peaches.

Wherever you live, contribute to your local food pantry, and if CCSC is your pantry, thank you for your support. We're grateful for all donations, even those of beets and waxed beans.

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