Monday, December 7, 2015

The hungry need help

If you're on the CCSC mailing list, you have probably received our year-end letter. I'm sharing the letter below to illustrate how prevalent hunger is as well as how important CCSC's mission is.

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I want to share an experience one of my neighbors had.  

He and his wife were in line to pay for groceries when the person ahead of them asked the cashier to stop because he had run out of money. There were items left in the cart, and when my neighbor looked in, he saw juice and bread and lunchmeat. This troubled him, so he quietly paid for the remaining food.  

When recounting the story, he shared his surprise at seeing hunger up close as well as his gratitude and understanding of why CCSC exists.  

Most of us are not going to be able to help someone as personally as my neighbor. Instead, we need a trusted system to operate on our behalf.  A system that addresses short-term and long-term needs, building in fairness and kindness.  

CCSC is that system. We maintain a healthy system to support our Christ-centered mission of addressing the effects of poverty: hunger, unemployment, children’s needs. And all this is done with a lean workforce, heavily weighted with volunteers. 

Many of us make our charitable gifts at year-end, so I ask for your support of CCSC’s work, pledging excellent stewardship and abundant compassion as we continue to fulfill our mission, one person at a time.

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