Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Still finding greatness in the parking lot

When I drove into my regular parking space on Monday morning, I was greeted by Winston. Winston is a former CCSC client who utilized our JobNet program several years ago to find work. In addition to his regular job, he now also runs a landscaping service. CCSC is one of his customers, so we see him twice a month.

He always greets me with a "how are you" that is authentic, not the "how are you" that most of us use as our standard conversation starter. 

This week we visited about our respective Sunday mornings. I gave a "moment for mission" at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, and he was called upon (at the last minute) to fill in for his minister. Luckily he is well-equipped: he has read the Bible multiple times and conscientiously applies its principles to his life.

Winston is saturated in God's word and love, and it shows in his humility, authenticity, and deep faith. Whenever I speak with him, I come away feeling more centered and grounded. I imagine he has that effect on most people.

While I'm grateful CCSC was able to help him years ago, I'm even more grateful we still get to see him regularly. A talk with Winston is like a much-needed shot of spiritual B12.

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