Friday, June 10, 2016

Someone is happy because of your donation

There is a gentleman we've helped several times this year with food and clothing. He is recovering from a stroke (so he's not working), and his family depends on his wife's income. Her hours have recently been cut, so the family is having a tough year.

This week he told us that the clothing he received earlier was extra-special: it gave him something appropriate to wear to his son's high school graduation. He related to us how very much this meant to him because without CCSC, he wouldn't have been able to dress up.

I understand his situation well because my daughter graduated from high school a few weeks ago, and it is a moment to mark and celebrate. Clothes are not the most important thing, but most of us want to wear our Sunday best to momentous occasions. It's difficult to imagine not being able to do that. It's also difficult to imagine going hungry, not being able to buy shampoo, and worrying about routine bills many of us pay without thought.

If you are someone who donates your clothing to us, THANK YOU.  If not, put a box like this in your closet, and once it's full, bring it to us. We'll sort it, parcel it out to different areas of the ministry, and make sure it is given new life on someone else.

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