Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A mild Easter debacle

Our microwave oven died Easter morning, just as I was heating up the sausages for brunch. We were feeding 10 people, and luckily it was family. Everything else was cooked, so we had a good meal with lukewarm sausages.

We've ordered a new microwave, but are living without one until the new oven arrives, and it feels like I'm roughing it by cooking dinner using the stove and wall oven. I almost feel sorry for myself. But we have food. And electricity. And a new microwave coming. My grandmothers would be aghast at my pity party.

It's just past the middle of the month which means working families living at or near poverty levels are scraping by and facing upcoming bills. Rent will be due in two weeks, the utility bill is coming, and food is a daily necessity. And if there is an expected expense (sick child, flat tire, school field trip, etc...), then these families are in crisis quickly.

The two food pantries of the Christian Community Service Center are there for these families. If the flat tire needs repair, and you have to use your food money to fix the car, then we can replenish your pantry. Or if your child needs medication, and you cannot afford it, we have a referral system with a local pharmacy. In fact, we have lots of referrals and agencies we work with to connect clients to resources beyond our own programs.

Unfortunately we are needed, but gratefully we serve. Call us if you would like a tour or would like to learn more about our work.

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