Friday, January 9, 2015

It really is the people who matter

CCSC's JobNet Manager sent out her program's newly-completed 2014 statistics this morning. She began her email with a statement about the quality of work done, noting the many individual lives this program positively impacted. She then shared a few client stories followed by a dashboard view of the statistics.

I love that our staff meticulously tracks and maintains program statistics (which are a valuable tool) while staying focused on the people behind the numbers.  We value a balanced view of quantitative information coupled with qualitative, non-measurable data. It's like using both the left and right sides of your brain.

Here is a snapshot of a few clients who successfully used JobNet this past year:
  • Mary completed an on-line application at CCSC and had a phone call for an interview when she got home that day
  • Ben landed his ideal job after being prepped by one of our volunteer coaches
  • Eva spent her summer at JobNet, researching teaching jobs and ultimately finding just the right fit
  • John, who came faithfully after serving a prison term, found a job in the public sector
  • Anne gained confidence through coaching and workshops and was able to find a job that fits her current stage in life
If you know anyone who is struggling in their job search, have them call JobNet at 713-626-8320. We'd love to help.

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