Friday, July 25, 2014

Has your office changed over the years?

My grandfather worked for a health care company and had a secretary who took dictation, typed up his correspondence, and answered his phone. I imagine that office would have had a mimeograph machine and lots of paper files. He could not have imagined how technological advances would change basic office functions.

CCSC's office has changed with technology over the years, allowing us to manage our work flow more and more efficiently. 

A few years ago, we realized the software in our program areas had become dated and wasn't providing the depth of information needed.  So we are launching new software for our two food pantries, and then rolling it out in the employment and youth services areas this fall. Once established, it will give us higher quality data in client trends and demographics, which helps us to better serve the clients.

Right now, our volunteers and staff are slogging through learning the new system. I was just visiting with two volunteers about the project, and instead of groaning about the extra time it's taking to learn, they noted out how much this will enhance our services.  They have a fabulous attitude.

The machine below would have been in my grandfather's office. I learned to type on this machine, yet my children have never seen one. It was for sale earlier this year at CCSC's Sunshine Resale Shop.

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