Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today was a graduation day

Today we graduated a class from the Martha's Way program. (Click here to learn more about this program: ( 

I attended the graduation and loved being there.  One graduate has already started her housekeeping business, so our classes gave her new skills to propel it forward.  Another student is the third in her family to graduate from this program, and she exuded confidence in building her business. Yet another student is a refugee who is newly settled in the United States. He is soaking up all the educational opportunities available to him.

How can you help these graduates?  Look at the picture below of cleaning supplies. Does it make your heart sing at the happy thought of cleaning your house?  Not me.  I hired a Martha's Way graduate years ago to help keep our home clean. Interested? Get on our website (see above link) to fill out a homeowner form or email our staff at to start the process of hiring one of our graduates.  You'll not only be freeing up your time but also hiring someone who is eager to work and improve their family's financial future.

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