Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We help all kinds of people

CCSC helped a man recently who was beaten and robbed twice in his neighborhood. The second incident caused him to be hospitalized for a lengthy period of time, so when he came to us, he was still fragile, physically and emotionally.

With only his sister in town, this single gentleman doesn't have much of a support system. He works at a small business doing odd jobs, and his employer now allows him to sleep at the office until he can earn enough money for a deposit on a new apartment. He needs to move to a safer neighborhood.

He came to us for food, not wanting to be more of a burden to his employer. Despite being younger than me by over 10 years, he looks much older: poverty and a hard life have aged him tremendously.

While most of us are drawn to helping needy children, I am grateful CCSC helps all the "vulnerables" in our community: children and grown-ups, the elderly and disabled, single mothers and two-parent families. We help all in need, including people like this man who are lonely and suffering and struggling to eke out a living.  There are many more like him, and I'm grateful he found his way to us.

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