Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seven years and two months ago...

In October of 2007, CCSC helped a family undergoing a one-time crisis by paying part of their apartment rent and giving them food along with a bar of soap. We never saw them again until yesterday when the son returned with a donation to CCSC. The family had carefully calculated the amount of money we spent to help them, added in accumulated interest, and written a check to reimburse us.

We were astonished by the intention and care they took to pay us back so we could help another family.

There is a little handwritten note on the check that says "with God's help". Does this note reference God's help during their crisis in 2007? Does it reference their gratitude to now be financially secure? Or is it a simple acknowledgement of God's presence in their lives?

We'll never know, but this surprise donation reminds me of a truth I learned long ago working at CCSC: the people we serve, who struggle greatly in life, often have deep spiritual insight. Along with great faith, born of hardship, not abundance.

So as we end 2014 and move into a new year, it's a good reminder that "with God's help", we can move confidently into a fresh, new year, trusting that God's presence is more than enough.

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