Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sometimes you don't ask but just thank

I was giving a “moment for mission” at a church , thanking the congregation for its support, updating them on the ministry, and sharing a recent client story. After the service, one of CCSC's volunteers came over and asked why I didn't use the time to also request donations of men’s and children’s clothing. She thought I missed a great opportunity to share this need. I was taken aback by her gentle scolding and fumbled a response.

I thought about her comment for several days. Yes, she was right: we do need those clothing items. We also need food donations, more volunteers, and increased financial support.

In the nonprofit world, we ask and ask and ask. We are efficient in processing donations. But I wonder if we could do a better job in saying "thank you", with no strings attached.

So I wish I had responded to our concerned volunteer that my talk at her church was only to say thank you. And to reassure her that we do also ask for the resources we need to keep CCSC moving along.

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